Services for Students with Disabilities

How to Register

To register with SSD, please follow the process below.

Step one - 

Complete and submit the Student Intake Form

Step two - 

We will confirm your submission within five (5) business days with an email confirmation and you will be assigned an SSD Coordinator to work with regarding your accommodation needs. Communication will be sent directly to the student's University of Michigan email address.

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Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Our Mission

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network seeks to advance the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism. ASAN believes that the goal of autism advocacy should be a world in which autistic people enjoy equal access, rights, and opportunities. We work to empower autistic people across the world to take control of our own lives and the future of our common community, and seek to organize the autistic community to ensure our voices are heard in the national conversation about us. Nothing About Us, Without Us!

2021 Student Celebration

Interested in joining SSD on April 8th, 2021 to celebrate graduating students and scholarship recipients?

Please complete the survey and join the excitement!
Updates to follow.  

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CP Foundation: Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day logo competition

"We are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2021 Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day logo competition is Maddy Gustafason, a talented young woman with cerebral palsy who is a freshman biomedical engineering major at the . We received incredible entries from across the country and our winner's design captured our hearts and the spirit of Cerebral Palsy Awareness." CP Foundation


A green t-shirt that says "Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day" and "#GoGreen4CP" March 25th, 2021

Placement Exams for Incoming Students

Incoming first year students who attend summer orientation do not need to have registered with the SSD office in advance to receive accommodations on placement exams.