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The Services for Students with Disabilities office (SSD) is pleased to announce the implementation of Accommodate, a core electronic case management system that will assist students, faculty, instructors, and staff in requesting, approving, and implementing disability-related accommodations.

Faculty/Staff Accommodate Instructions

SSD engages in a collaborative process that is responsive to the needs of each individual as advised by the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA). During a Welcome Meeting, the student communicates their lived-experience and any academic barriers they face to their SSD coordinator. The coordinator will then follow the department’s process to explore the disability-related accommodation requests made by the student. During the exploration process, SSD will evaluate the unique attributes and requirements of the course, program, or activity. Course modifications, auxiliary aids, or services that are ineffective or constitute a fundamental alteration will not be reasonable and therefore will not meet the ADA and Section 504’s minimal standards.

Faculty are obligated to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and state and local requirements regarding individuals with disabilities.

In transitioning to the new Accommodate management system, faculty should note the following:

  • Faculty will still receive an email alerting them to approved accommodations for students in their courses, but they will be required to log in to Accommodate to view Accommodation Letters for students.
  • Faculty will be able to enter the portal at any time to view the accommodation notification letter, so they will not need to keep track of the specific email.
  • GSI's who are officially designated as "instructors" in University systems for the course will have access to Accommodate to view Accommodation Letters. When logging into the system, GSI's should select "Faculty" in order to access information for the course.
  •  Accommodations are a part of the student's record and therefore protected under FERPA. Faculty should forward Accommodation Letters on a need-to-know basis to anyone responsible for arranging student accommodation who is not listed as an instructor for the course.

Faculty and staff can learn more about Accommodate through our online tutorials, scheduling a meeting with a training specialist, or reaching out to our office directly at ssdoffice@umich.edu or 734-763-3000.

Services for Students with Disabilities recommends the following syllabus statement:

The University of Michigan recognizes disability as an integral part of diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable educational environment for students with disabilities. Students who are experiencing a disability-related barrier should contact Services for Students with Disabilities https://ssd.umich.edu/; 734-763-3000 or ssdoffice@umich.edu). For students who are connected with SSD, accommodation requests can be made in Accommodate. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your SSD Coordinator or visit SSD’s Current Student webpage. SSD considers aspects of the course design, course learning objects and the individual academic and course barriers experienced by the student. Further conversation with SSD, instructors, and the student may be warranted to ensure an accessible course experience.

Student Concerns

Instructors who are concerned about a Student's wellbeing should contact the Dean of Students office. DOS staff members are available to individually support students and help manage any disruptions to their Michigan experience.