Academic Support & Access Partnerships (ASAP)

SAAS offers Academic Support & Access Partnerships (ASAP) to help students registered with our office make the most of their academic experience here at the University.

ASAP workshops, coaching and other educational intiatives are focused on enhancing the academic experiences of students. Specifically building and strengthening executive functioning skills, developing learning strategies and providing support to decrease academic stress. ASAP seeks to initiate community building among neurodiverse students and serves as an opportunity to elevate engagement, self-efficacy, motivation, and academic performance.

ASAP aims to support students in the following ways:

• Stimulating student learning and growth of executive functioning skills

• Creating initiatives and facilitating campus collaborations focused on campus navigation, advocacy, and academic achivement 

• Increase student awareness of campus supports and resources




Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning. With an ASAP team member, students examine their learning experiences, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. Together they work to develop academic skills, implement effective learning strategies that meet the student's goals. Group and individual academic coaching is available starting the 2nd week of fall, winter and spring/summer semesters for Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional students as space is available. 



PASS | Peer Assisted Study Sessions 

The PASS program gives students an opportunity to participate in a weekly study session facilitated by an ASAP Graduate Student Coach. Our facilitators support different learning approaches, academic strategies, and executive functioning skills (project management, study skills, etc.), and primarily offer studying accountability. PASS is available for Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional students during fall, winter, and spring/summer semesters as space is available. To participate, please revisit our page begining the 2nd week of each semester to complete the request form.

coaching corner

Coaching Corner

Coaching Corner provides a unique experience for students to participate in small group sessions and workshops which focus on developing academic skills as well as disability-related topics. Each session has an interactive design for students to develop their own styles while sharing and supporting the experiences of their peers. Coaching Corner is available for Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional students during each semester.


Self-Directed Canvas Modules

ASAP's Canvas modules are another route of support for students registered with SSD. The modules offer students information about disability-related issues, as well as resources on common issues many students face such as: Organization, Time Management, and Task Prioritization.


Other Resources

ASAP also works to provide support for registered student organizations that support students with disabilities.

  • Student focus: If you are a student interested in learning more about and/or joining a registered organization, email our office at: [email protected]
  • Registered student organizations: If you work directly with a registered student organization that supports students with disabilities and want to find out how our office can support you, click here or email us at: [email protected]