Disability-related Accommodations while Abroad

Students abroad

Participating in an international experience as a disabled person can be a source of significant growth, a chance to seek new opportunities while broadening your perspective on disability. While all University of Michigan students with disabilities are eligible to receive disability-related accommodations abroad, they may look different in different destinations. To learn about U-M programs, please visit Global Michigan or contact your academic unit’s education abroad office. 

When considering if you are going to participate in an Education Abroad Program you should visit Global Michigan’s Travel Resources, review the Disabilities Abroad information as well as the Health Travel Guide, and explore the mandatory Travel Abroad Health Insurance

Some External Resources you may want to explore: 

In collaboration with other campus partners an Identity Abroad - Students with Disabilities flyer has been created - check it out!

Exploring Accommodations Abroad

Students should start the process of exploring disability-related accommodations before they depart for their international destination; however, if accommodations were not arranged before departure students are still encouraged to contact the SSD Office and their study abroad advisor to see if temporary accommodations can be approved remotely. 

Steps to Explore Accommodations:

Step 1: Review Program Options

Review program options either independently or with an education abroad advisor, such as those in M-Compass, and research general country information/attitudes around disabilities. Students can meet with education abroad advisors before applying for a program or after.

Step 2: Connect with SSD

Connect with your SSD Coordinator or if you are not already connected with the SSD Office, visit our Prospective Student webpage to learn how to complete our Student Application and Review the Helpful Documentation Guidelines to understand the accommodation exploration process. 

Step 3: Meet with SSD Coordinator 

During a meeting with your SSD coordinator complete the Disability Accommodations Abroad Form

Step 4: Meet with Education Abroad Advisor 

Students should schedule an appointment with their education abroad advisor/the office sponsoring the program in M-Compass to share their completed Disability Accommodations Abroad Form and discuss any disability-related concerns. 

  • Note: To explore if your requested disability-related accommodations are reasonable you will need to meet with your host institution. There are three ways to connect with your host institution:

    1. Request that your advisor reaches out on your behalf, or 

    2. Have your Advisor connect you directly via an introductory email, 

    3. Have your Advisor provide you with direct contact information with the host institution or program leader.

Step 5: Apply! 

 If you haven’t done so already, complete the application process for your desired program and enjoy your time abroad! 


Remember! At any stage in the process, SSD remains a resource for students in their Educational Abroad experience. If you are already connected with our office please contact your coordinator or you can connect with SSD by calling (734) 763-3000 or [email protected].