Students, Welcome to the TAC!

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At the Testing Accommodation Centers, we provide a limited-distraction environment for students to take their academic exams and provides as close of an experience to in-class test taking as possible. Our focus is creating a safe, stress-free environment, and between our two centers, we have 70+ seats for students along with several private rooms.

All exams are scheduled through our Accommodate platform. Students are allowed to reserve their seat at the TAC for an exam anytime they would like, though we would prefer if professors were the driving force behind scheduling exams. Our centers are reserved for students who have connected with SSD and are taking academic exams. 

To receive the ability on Accommodate to schedule your exams at the TAC, students must first be connected with SSD in order to be approved for accommodations. 

Once a student has been approved for accommodations, they are expected to submit a Semester Request every semester to create an Accommodation Letter for their courses. Submitting these semester requests are highly important, as they allow you to reserve your own seat at the TAC through Accommodate.

If you plan to take an exam at the TAC, please make sure you talk with your instructor about this beforehand or as soon as possible, so we can know to make the necessary arrangements

How to Schedule at the TAC

Equipment and Resources for Student Use

The TAC has a variety of equipment available in both of our centers for students to use during their exams. Each space is equiped with noise isolating ear muffs and a desktop lamp. Students have access to ear plugs, mints, and can ask for Noise Cancelling headphones with white noise options  as needed. 

Computers are available for students who have computer based exams or accommodations that require the use of a computer. 

All individual spaces in the CCCB are height adjustable and the MLB has some height adjustable seating options and multiple options for seats are available for students. Students with accommodations seeking to use specific furniture for their exam should indicate they intend to use the accommodation when they reserve a seat in the TAC. 


(In development) Please see our Equipment and Resources page for a full list of available resources.

Policies and Procedures

What to expect for your Exam