Services for Students with Disabilities

Accessibility Toolkit created by the Center for Academic Innovation.

Q: Who is this toolkit for?

A:  Instructors who develop and teach online courses; Learning Experience Designers who design online learning experiences; People who are interested in learning about accessibility best practices.

Q: What is this toolkit about?

A: This toolkit is a collection of accessibility-related resources developed at the Center for Academic Innovation (CAI) and also some high-quality external resources. There are a variety of topics, including step by step instructions in creating accessible documents, best practices in teaching online, introduction to accessibility widgets & tools, tutorials.

Q: How to use this toolkit?

A: Searching for keywords to locate what you are looking for. This toolkit is basically a collection of hyperlinks and you will be directed to a destination by activating the hyperlink you select. If you have a specific question about, for example, PDF, please search for keywords “PDF” by using command+F (MAC users) or windows key +F (PC users), you will find hyperlinks to all PDF-related resources.

Q: Who to contact if you have questions?

A: Yuanru Tan ( Contact Yunaru when you 1) can’t find what you need; 2) propose a new resource to add to this toolkit; 3) find outdated or misinformation in any of the resources.