Services for Students with Disabilities

Small Grants | Collaboratory for Technology, Health and Independence

Do you have an idea for an app, game or other innovative technology for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities?

Have you created technology that can be adapted to help adolescents and young adults with impairments manage their health and achieve independence?

We can help your idea become reality with a one year grant of up to $10,000 from the TIKTOC RERC.

Policy Research, Inc. | Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation and Work Small Grant Program

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Analyzing Relationships between Disability, Rehabilitation and Work (ARDRAW) Small Grant Program is a one-year $10,000 stipend program awarded to graduate-level students to conduct supervised independent research designed to foster new analysis of work, rehabilitation, and disability issues, which may develop innovative and fresh perspectives on disability. ARDRAW replaces the 5-year grant called the Disability Determination Process Small Grant Programwith a new focus on research relevant to SSA’s work incentives and employment supports – specifically rehabilitation, work and the disability program.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Prospective college students with disabilities will find that many campuses are equipped with offices and services that address accessibility, accommodation, and assistive technology for a diverse range of needs. Student services offices and disability coordinators at many colleges work to make campuses inclusive environments through specialized advocacy, support, and academic services.

Planning Ahead: Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities | HEATH Resource Center | The George Washington University

While education beyond high school in the United States is optional, it has become a necessary investment in future employment and life satisfaction for many people. To all families and youth with disabilities looking for information on financial aid, please check out the different options in grants, loans, work-study, and scholarship opportunities. This is a resource guide that explains financial aid as well as highlights various scholarship resources for youth with disabilities listed in the back of the publication!!

The Adam Miller Memorial Fund

The Adam Miller Fund was established in June 1999 by Marlene and Alex Miller, Adam's parents. Largely funded by online donations, this important fund provides enrichment assistance for University of Michigan students with hearing, visual or mobility disabilities. Read more about Adam Miller's life and academic achievements at UM.

Portrait of Adam Miller