Services for Students with Disabilities

We are unable to have the TAC fully open and operational at the beginning of the semester due to the need to hire and train new staff on a new system with the transition from LSA to SSD. 

We are working together with our academic unit partners and the Library as we all look for other available campus spaces to provide test accommodations and will share more information as it becomes available.

We also encourage instructors to continue utilizing the testing methods they have been using for the past 18 months while the TAC has been closed as we work together to identify ways that we will continue to support the accommodation needs of our students

As with all reasonable accommodations, the purpose of testing accommodations is to ensure a student’s equitable opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of the course material being assessed. Testing accommodations are not a guarantee of improved performance, test completion, or a particular outcome. Rather it is presumed that the use of accommodations will enable the student with a disability to better demonstrate their knowledge or skill on exams and quizzes.

Common Exam Accommodations

  • Extended time for test-taking of exams and quizzes that are held within a discrete time frame. Exceptions include exams offered over several days in which students are not expected to work on the exam for the entire time frame. 

  • Reduced distraction testing environment from the large group setting.

  • Use of a computer for word processing.

  • Use of assistive technology.

  • Accessible format.