Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with an approved captioning accommodation through the Services for Students with Disabilities office (SSD) may submit a request for post-production captioning of course content by completing a semester request through Accommodate. Post-production captioning is used for asynchronous course components (instruction not occurring in the same time/place)​ and occurs after the video has been recorded. Real-time captioning or Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription (CART)  (instruction occurring in the same time/place) for synchronous course components is a separate request.


Faculty should plan ahead and ensure all audio and video course materials used for the semester are accessible to students. To submit a Captioning request, please complete this online form.


This request will be processed and forward to SSD or ITS, depending on if it is related to disability accommodations for a registered student or universal design. SSD will cover the costs for any SSD registered student with captioning or transcribing as an academic accommodation.