Services for Students with Disabilities

UM Resources:

Maize & Blue Cupboard: Webpage 

Monday-Friday: 3pm-7pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 2pm-8pm

M Farmer’s Market: Webpage

UM Community Gardens: Webpage


Dearborn/Flint campuses:

Farmer’s Market near UM Flint: Webpage

UM Flint - Wolverine Food Den: Webpage

UM Dearborn Food Pantry: Webpage


Ann Arbor Area Resources:

Food Gatherers: Webpage or (734) 761-2796

Bryant Community Center: Webpage or (734) 994-2722

Northside Community Center: Website or (734) 994-2985

Ann Arbor Community Center: Webpage or (734) 662-3128

Other resources can be found at this page.