Services for Students with Disabilities

Family Medicine Disability Access

Addressing lost opportunities confronted by brilliant people with disabilities, University of Michigan's new Institute for Disability Health is working to lower the hurdles faced by too many of our most promising young minds.

And You Can Quote Me On That: Students with Disabilities at UM

A production of Dialogues on Diversity at the University of Michigan. The perspectives of several students are explored as they share how their disability has impacted their social and academic life on a college campus. (University of Michigan, 2000)

The View From Here: Depression on College Campuses

The View From Here shares the stories of faculty and students going through a depressive episode in their lives; how they dealt with uncertain circumstances, seeked help, and perserved through a very difficult time. With increasing rates of depression reported on campuses, stories like these will hopefully encourage others to seek professional help and end the stigma surrounding depression. (University of Michigan, 2002)

Breaking Through the Silence

Breaking Through the Silence is a film from the perspective of UM students who are deaf / hard of hearing. In their own words, they share their experiences of growing up with deafness and the challenges they face in a University environment. Also discussed is how best to communicate with people who are deaf / hard of hearing. (The Adam Miller Fund, The University of Michigan, 2005)

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