Services for Students with Disabilities

Saul and Shirley Lederer Merit Award

Two merit scholarships have been established by Saul and Shirley Lederer to honor their grandson Adam Miller. This award is offered to students who have hearing, visual, and mobility disabilities. Two recipients are chosen annually for awards of $1,000 each.

Small Grants | Collaboratory for Technology, Health and Independence

The primary goal of the Technology Increasing Knowledge: Technology Optimizing Choice (TIKTOC) Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) at the University of Michigan is to develop and evaluate mobile technology that will enhance the ability of adolescents and young adults with disabilities to manage their health and transition to independence.                                               

Undergraduate Diversity Scholars Network | National Center for Institutional Diversity

The Undergraduate Diversity Scholars Network is a nexus of undergraduate scholars dedicated to the advancement of diversity agendas through scholarship. Up to thirty outstanding University of Michigan students will be recognized for their contributions to both the academy and community. The network aims to unite young scholars, connect them with prominent local and national scholars, and expose them to a variety of research tools and resources in order to encourage and build capacity for the advancement of innovative diversity related research.