Services for Students with Disabilities

Accessibility Filter Added to Off-Campus Housing Search

Beyond the Diag, the off-campus housing online resource for students, has added a diability filter to their search engine. “Disability Accessible” is now an option that can selected when searching for housing.

To include this filter in your search:

  1. Login to the Off-Campus Housing Listing Service
  2. Click on More Filters. A list of additional features will appear.
  3. Scroll down to Unit Features.
    • Disability Accessible will be one of the options.
Off-campus Housing, Unit Feature, Disability Accessible

CAPS partners with Mcard to enhance mental health and well-being accessibility for Michigan students | Diversity, Equity

CAPS’ partner in its After Hours service, ProtoCall Services, has been providing professional mental health services over the phone since 1992, and serves more than 100 campuses and 2 million college students. The call centers are staffed exclusively by trained masters-level or doctoral-level mental health professionals. On-site clinical supervisors provide clinical and procedural consultation to the ProtoCall counselors, and they will work closely with CAPS clinicians to assure continuity of care for our students.

Abroad With Disabilities | Everyone Can Travel

Abroad With Disabilities (AWD) is a Michigan nonprofit organization founded in 2015 with the goal of promoting the belief that persons with disabilities can and should go abroad. AWD works diligently to empower clients to pursue study, work, volunteer, and/or internship opportunities outside of the United States by creating dialogue, sharing resources, and spreading awareness. AWD believes that everyone, no matter their ability, should have the invaluable opportunity to travel abroad in order to learn and grow from other cultures.

Give it, Get it, Expect Respect!

As we work together as a campus community, we ask for your continued support of the Expect Respect initiative. We've included some important elements to make you aware of how you can continue to play a role in making the University of Michigan a welcoming, inclusive and respectful community.

Give it. Get it. Expect Respect.