Services for Students with Disabilities

The SSD office provides accommodations and services free of charge to students that register with us. Depending on the type and severity of the disability, the SSD office makes every effort to provide the appropriate accommodation for academic success. The services in this section are those that registered SSD students can receive through arrangement with their disability coordinator. 

HathiTrust Digital Library

HathlTrust Digital Library is the University of Michigan's online access system to the Library's digitized collection. Text versions can be made accessible to students whose disabilities do not allow them to use printed books.

Stack of Books on Table in Library

Paratransit Service

Transportation Services offers curb to curb Paratransit services for students, faculty and staff (clients) that are pre-qualified through the our office. To sign up for these services, you need to register with us.


We currently have two locations for videophones for student/public use.

Videophone on Desk