Services for Students with Disabilities

Fall 2016 Immersion Programs | University Career Center

Are you READY to get an inside scoop on what it is like to work at a company in an industry of your interest? Then don't miss out on your opportunity to attend an Immersion Program with the University Career Center (UCC)!

Disclosure and Requesting Accommodations in the Career Search Process | Co-sponsored by Texas Instruments

Date: Thursday, September 15th 2016 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 

Location: Program Room (3003) - University Career Center, 3200 Student Activities Building

This program will be focusing on disclosure and requesting accommodations in the career search process with Texas Instruments. You have the skills and the ability, but you also happen to have a disability. During your job search and on the job, you want your talents to shine through and the focus to be on all the things you CAN do.   

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COSD's (Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilties) mission is to assist you, a college student or a recent graduate with a disability, in gaining the tools and knowledge necessary to secure the career of your choice. While this takes diligent work and effort, we believe that in partnership with your campus Disability Services and Career Services offices, COSD can assist you in becoming a competitive career candidate and successful employee. 

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