Services for Students with Disabilities

Fall Career EXPO and Orientation Sessions

As you may have heard we our Fall Career EXPO happening next week. Feel free to check out the hyper like to see the tips to help students prepare. 

We know Career Expos/Fairs can be quite overwhelming and students may want a guide to help them navigate the EXPO. So, our team created orientation sessions to help students develop their confidence with this process. 

University Career Center's Fall 2017 Immersion calendar 

The University Career Center's Fall Immersion takes groups of 15-30 students to go and visit employers for 2-4 hours to learn about working in various industries, companies and roles. During these experiences, students have the opportunity to tour the organization, meet with various folks on the team & ask questions, and experience "a day in the life" of their employees. These are great opportunities for students that are unsure about their career interests to see what the work is like in an educational format. 

AchieveABILITY: Connect with Professional Mentor Program

AchieveABILITY connects executive business leaders and aspiring professionals with disabilities for an opportunity to learn and grow from each other’s life experiences. Our goal is to advance employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities by encouraging confidence and understanding through a mentorship program.

Opportunity: we have four mentee spots open in Evansville, one in Indianapolis, one in Madison Wisconsin, and one in Louisville Kentucky!