Services for Students with Disabilities

Planning Rituals and Routines for Success

The habit of planning can make a big difference between high academic achievement and a mediocre journey through college.  A small amount of time set aside for planning at the beginning of each semester, before each week begins, and the night before or the morning of each new day can help us reach academic milestones on time, attain desired GPAs, and develop strong habits for college and career.  So what do people say works to keep them on track and accomplishing what needs to be done by them?

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Planners and Calendars - Different Options, Personal Choices

With so many options available to track important information and appointments how do we know what’s best for us?  Are paper planners better?  Is electronic the way to go? Here we explore some options and get the good, bad and ugly on them all.

Time? How Much Do You Need?

A three-credit hour class typically meets for three hours per week and requires six to nine hours of study and prep outside of class.  

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