Services for Students with Disabilities

Wesley Smith Memorial Award

The Wesley Smith Memorial Award is an annual award available to all undergraduate and graduate students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Each year, one recipient will receive a $500 cash award in recognition of curricular and co-curricular success at the University of Michigan.  

This application is now closed.

Saul and Shirley Lederer Merit Award

Two merit scholarships have been established by Saul and Shirley Lederer to honor their grandson Adam Miller. This award is offered to students who have hearing, visual, and mobility disabilities. Two recipients are chosen annually for awards of $1,000 each.

This application is now closed.

Breaking Through the Silence

Breaking Through the Silence is a film from the perspective of UM students who are deaf / hard of hearing. In their own words, they share their experiences of growing up with deafness and the challenges they face in a University environment. Also discussed is how best to communicate with people who are deaf / hard of hearing. (The Adam Miller Fund, The University of Michigan, 2005)