Services for Students with Disabilities

CAPS: Introduction to Mindfulness - KORU

Feeling stressed? Interested in learning about mindful relaxation techniques? 

Koru is an evidence-based stress management program out of Duke University specially designed for university students. Koru teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques that facilitate relaxation, self-compassion, and calm.

For more information and to schedule a pre-group meeting contact Emily Porter,, or Karin Arizala

Desires to Goals to Actions

What would you really like to be different for you in the next three or four months? How might this add to who you want to be in the future? Take some steps now to reach the goals you desire.

Student painting a large painting

Where to Get Information About Your Courses

You have signed up for classes which are starting.  This may be your first semester at the University of Michigan (U-M) or you may have spent many semesters with us.  Knowing that each course is unique and that you want to succeed and earn good grades, you will need to be prepared about what to expect in your courses. Here are some helpful tips about CTools, class syllabi, and office hours. 

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Managing Transitional and Other Stress

During times of change, nervousness and stress can increase.  We know how to handle daily life based on what we have lived.  But new places or circumstance can have us wondering about how things will be different and how we will cope. Let’s think together about symptoms of stress that might show up and what we can do to manage them.

What's in a Syllabus and Why Does It Matter?

Believe it or not, the syllabus for each class you take at the University is your passport for success.  It is a contract of sorts and is filled with valuable information.  

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