Services for Students with Disabilities

Groups, Lunch Series Offered by CAPS

CAPS offers a number of undergraduate and graduate groups, which meet on the 3rd floor of the Michigan Union. Starting dates for the groups vary, but typically begin 3-5 weeks after the start of the semester. Groups are free for U of M students.

Becoming Disabled - The New York Times

A person without a disability may recognize someone using a wheelchair, a guide dog or a prosthetic limb, or someone with Down syndrome, but most don’t conceptualize these people as having a shared social identity and a political status. “They” merely seem to be people to whom something unfortunate has happened, for whom something has gone terribly wrong. The one thing most people do know about being disabled is that they don’t want to be that.

Students | Bicentennial 1817-2017

Student Advisory Committee Students have an opportunity to take part in Bicentennial planning and outreach by joining the Bicentennial Student Advisory Committee. This committee will be comprised of students from all schools and colleges and the Flint and Dearborn campuses and will consist of both undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more about this committee and how to apply.

Projects for Peace grants awarded | Michigan Engineering

College students across the country have once again been challenged to design and undertake Projects for Peace. A total of 120 winning projects have been selected and are being awarded $10,000 each for implementation during the summer of 2016.

BLUElab India Project is the 2016 Projects for Peace awardee at the University of Michigan. This student-run multidisciplinary project team is led by Rachel Ross (’17) and Sai Bolla (’18).


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