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Disability Law: Setting a Precedent - Authors Guild vs HathiTrust

District Judge Harold Baer Jr. declared that the HathiTrust’s scanning and use of copyrighted works counted as fair use under copyright law. In a summary judgment, he threw out the Authors Guild’s arguments that HathiTrust and its partners had trampled copyright law by scanning millions of works, and held that providing access for students with print disabilities constitutes a “transformative use” under the fair use provision of the Copyright Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Navigating the Road to Work: Panel on Students with Disabilities and Employment

The Career Center and Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) hosted a career focused panel to celebrate the 40th anniversary year of SSD on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

Navigating the Road to Work: Making the Connection Between Students with Disabilities and Employment

This YouTube video is closed-captioned.


New Screen Reader Now Available on Sites Computers

NVDA, an open source screen reader that provides speech output and keyboard navigation for blind users, is now available on all public Sites computers running the Windows operating system. The reason for this installation is that people were reporting compatibility issues between the existing screen reader JAWS and mainstream programs such as browsers and Microsoft Office 2013. NVDA uses a keyboard command set very similar to JAWS and has been shown to work with the currently installed versions of Firefox and Office.

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MWireless Help Desk Now Available!

The University Library Library is partnering with ITS, Computer Showcase, Sites, and University Housing to host a MWireless Help Desk in the Shapiro Library Lobby this semester.
The Help Desk will be in Bert's Study Lounge by the Info Kiosk (on the right when you enter), and it will be staffed by ITS team members who can assist students with connecting their devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) to U-M's wireless network.
Here are the dates and times:
Wed, 1/8: 6-9P
Thurs, 1/9: 6-9P
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