Services for Students with Disabilities

Adjustable Tables Being Deployed Across Campus

Standard computer table heights are problematic for many people. They're not accommodating to people with back or neck pain who find computing while standing more comfortable. Wheelchair users may have difficulty comfortably positioning their chair so they can reach the keyboard and mouse. And people who are taller or shorter than average may also find these tables uncomfortable to use.

Haworth Planes adjustable table

Accessible version of MPrint now available

MPrint Lite, a version of MPrint that works with screen reader software, is now available at This version provides an accessible interface for uploading a file from your computer, selecting options such as paper size and number of copies, and sending the print job to your printer of choice.

MPrint Lite logo

SSD Annual Report 2012-13

A text version of the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Annual Report 2012-13, optimized for screen reader compatibility. 


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