Services for Students with Disabilities


An individual who has difficulty processing written or spoken information such that it interferes with his or her ability to read, write, spell, listen, talk, or do math may be diagnosed with a specific learning disability. Each person with a learning disability has a distinct combination of abilities and deficiencies and therefore a unique profile. As a result, many types of post-secondary schools have developed or expanded programs to meet the needs of these students.


You must have a current (no more than five years old and done when the student was 16 years or older, using an Adult Normed test) psychological evaluation that minimally includes both an intelligence test (e.g. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale) and a broad based academic achievement test (e.g. Woodcock-Johnson or Wechsler Achievement). See the Learning Disability Criteria.

How to Register with SSD

The documentation can be sent to us one of the following ways:

  • Faxed to (734) 936-3947
  • Emailed to
  • Brought to our office at G-664 Haven Hall

Once our office receives the paperwork you will receive an email confirmation and be assigned a disability coordinator. You will be asked to contact your disability coordinator to set up a meeting.

During the initial meeting, the registration paperwork will be done. Your disability coordinator will determine your eligibility for services and identify reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations.

Please note that University Policy is two weeks’ prior notice for any academic accommodation.