Services for Students with Disabilities

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The University of Michigan is committed to supporting those with accessibility needs. U-M and other campuses are working with the Canvas vendor to ensure it meets the needs of assistive technology users.

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Massachusetts investigation says Boston College retaliated against professor returning from mental health leave | InsideHigherEd

Over the years, Inside Higher Ed has published several essays by faculty members who describe the difficulties of being a professor and receiving appropriate support while facing mental illness. These pieces describe the fears and stigma associated with mental health issues, but relatively few faculty members who feel that they have been mistreated with regard to their mental illness publicize their cases or succeed in bringing legal action about them.

Making Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Faculty and GSIs

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) Occasional Papers at the University of Michigan:

In focus groups at the University of Michigan, students with disabilties have identified two significant impediments to their learning and academic persistence: 1) instructors' lack of knowledge about disabilities and accommodations, and 2) instructors' difficulty in talking with students about these issues.

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Making Online Course Material Accessible

The UM School of Dentistry has been creating online presentations and quizzes as a substitute for lectures, in some cases referred to as “flipped” classes. Dr. Stephen C. Bayne, a professor of Cariology, Restorative Sciences and Endodontics describes the process and advantages to making these materials accessible online.