Services for Students with Disabilities

Student Walking between Tappin and Art Museum

Note, 9/3/14: The Knox Center Assistive Technology Computer Site, 2064 Shapiro, is now a quiet computing space specifically for students registered with SSD. For more information, see the Knox Center section of the SSD website.

As part of an independent study project, two students, Tara Foley and Carrie Lofgren, created a website to show where quiet places to study on central campus are located. Through the course of their investigation, they found that the top quiet places were the Law buildings, Business School buildings and Rackham.

The website is made up of a directory of all the central campus buildings.

To see and find a study area for yourself go to the Quiet Places to Study on Central Campus at U of M website.  When you choose a building, a summary of the floor plan and available study area options are described.