Services for Students with Disabilities


U-M Transportation

SSD approves the use of Paratransit for students, faculty and staff who usually have mobility impairments and temporary mobility impairments. However, you can contact SSD if you are not sure because there are some other conditions under which students, faculty or staff may qualify.

The University’s Department of Parking and Transportation lists options for transportation available to students, faculty and staff with disabilities. Visit their website at:

U-M Parking Services

A student with a disability who wishes to use accessible parking in U of M staff paid lots or structures will need to use a U of M paid parking permit in conjunction with a state accessible parking permit. To obtain a staff paid parking permit, students must present a state accessible parking permit, together with a student I.D. and car registration, to the U of M Parking Services Office. As needed, Parking Services will issue a one-week temporary parking permit to allow time to obtain a state accessible parking permit. If you have a temporary state permit, you will be issued a temporary U of M permit. For more information about accessible parking, visit the U of M Parking and Transportation Services website:

Off-Campus Transportation


You may be able to use the regular Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses to get to some locations on and off campus because all of these buses are lift or ramp equipped. You may ride any AATA bus seven days a week for free when you swipe your MCard as you board. For route information or schedules, call (734) 996-0400.


If you live off campus and cannot get to campus by the regular AATA bus service, you can apply for AATA A-Ride ADA Eligibility card. For more information, call (734) 973-1611. These and other services are listed on the AATA website at:

For NightRide and HolidayRide services and schedules, go to: