Services for Students with Disabilities

Tips for Academic Success in the Current Learning Climate

Stress Relief

  •     Be kind to yourself and your instructors - we are all coping with change
  •     Be intentional about only isolating physically - schedule video chats with family & friends
  •     Be creative - make music, art, brainstorm something new

Workspace Recommendations

  •     Declutter your dedicated workspace
  •     Eliminate distractions from your line of vision
  •     Create optimal lighting conditions
  •     If possible, set boundaries around space, noise-making, etc.


  •     Map out your day just as you would a regularly scheduled school day
  •     Pay attention to your optimal times for input (reading, lecture viewing) and output (anything generative - writing, making)
  •     If you have new roommates, communicate about how you will work together to use physical space, bandwidth, etc.
  •     Maintain a regular sleep schedule
  •     You have more time now that there is no commute - be intentional about how you use it


  •     Set micro-goals (“I am going to make it through the next 5 slides, minutes, pages, etc.”)
  •     Hang a post-it note or make an encouraging sign (“You are so close to finishing the semester!” “This project matters because …”)
  •     Remember that your work can help you maintain feelings of normalcy during times of change

Sustained Focus

  •     Slow down your impulse response - turn off wifi if your lecture is downloaded
  •     Turn off your phone or use an app that restricts engagement
  •     Follow the 20-20-20 rule - after 20 minutes of screen focus, lift your eyes to focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds