Services for Students with Disabilities

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General Information

For general information about study abroad programs and their accessibility, an excellent resource is the University of Minnesota: Learning Abroad Center Students with Disabilities

University of Michigan Study Abroad Programs

To learn more about study abroad programs sponsored by the University of Michigan, visit MCompass at

All programs that are taught by a UM faculty instructor will accept the SSD accommodations (VISA) letter. Thus, when looking at programs, look at the “Overview” and “Courses and Credits” sections to see whether or not it is taught by a UM faculty instructor.

Click “Find a Program” on bottom right of Home site. You can narrow down your search to the type of traveling (work, study, volunteer), the country of interest, the kind of housing, specific courses, and more.

Check deadlines through MCompass as some deadlines may have already passed. If they have, don’t be dismayed—some programs are reoccurring, and you can apply next year.

One of the important things to remember when searching for which program is right for you and which will have accommodations is to Be Proactive!

To learn more about programs that support students registered with SSD:

Study Abroad Programs Within UM

To find organizations and programs that support students with disabilites studying abroad:

Study Abroad Programs Outside of UM

Scholarships and financial resources for students with disabilities:

Study Abroad Scholarships and Financial Aid