Services for Students with Disabilities

The Student Guide to Mental Health Hospitalization is a joint publication from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Dean of Students (DOS) originally developed by the Mental Health Work Group with substantial input from a few students.

A DOS staff member visits hospitalized students (which they also do when a student is in the hospital for medical reasons); they make sure the student has a copy of the guide and refer to it during the ongoing work they do to support the student as they prepare for and transition out of the hospital. 

This guide is a substantial revision that was worked on in-depth by the CAPS Student Advisory Board after having reviewed a few similar publications from around the country and by thinking of their own sense of what students would find helpful. 

As the intro letter states, the guide is reflective of U-M's commitment to help support students in this detour.  And reduce the mystery and the stigma of what a mental health hospitalization is all about.