Services for Students with Disabilities

Students who have registered with our office and met with their disability coordinator to determine accommodations receive a Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations (VISA) letter to give to their instructors. The accommodations recommended in these forms are not meant to give students with disabilities an unfair advantage, but rather to give them an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course content. Although a student may request an academic adjustment at any time, the student should request it as early as possible.

The student should follow established procedures to ensure that the University has enough time to review the request and provide an appropriate academic adjustment. Also, SSD does not ask that instructors modify essential course requirements for the sake of the student. Any faculty member considering denying an accommodation because it modifies an essential course requirement should consult with SSD or the ADA Coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the VISA form, please contact the authorizing staff person whose name appears on the VISA form.