Services for Students with Disabilities

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Apply to be a mentee for the Old National Achieve Ability professional mentoring program.

Achieve Ability, now in its third year of existence, has been a tremendously impactful program on our company, Old National Bank (ONB), and for the 44+ participants (mentors and mentees) in our history. Our participants (individuals with disabilities) have had opportunities to network with business executives, job shadow, obtain internships, networked and obtained successful employment at a variety of different employers. These "achievements" are all due to our vision of improving successful employment outcomes!

We now look to the future, and are in search of exceptional students and/or jobseekers (with disabilities) to pair with our leadership in Achieve Ability. The newest "installation" of Achieve Ability will run from August 2018 - May 2019. While the program has been mostly concentrated in Evansville, Indiana (ONB Headquarters) we have mentorship opportunities within our entire footprint in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota; where ONB leadership are located.

  • We hope to have our Achieve Ability "matches" in place by the end of May

Background: mentees have traditionally been recruited from college campuses and disability employment providers, suggested by the universities, or by job coaches. We hope to connect with individuals who are passionate about their future, and could use a little extra assistance and advice in the next steps in their career.


Our professional mentorship program is carefully designed to provide benefits and advantages to both mentors and mentees, fostering mutual professional and personal development.

Advantages for the mentee:

  • Develop a professional network that may lead to future employment
  • Create an opportunity to learn transferable skills and build confidence
  • Learn how to grow professionally and succeed in a business environment

Advantages for the mentor:

  • Increase awareness about working with and employing individuals with disabilities through interaction.
  • Build a relationship with an individual with a disability and learn how she/he handles every day challenges through understanding.
  • Support an individual’s journey to overcome adversity and achieve their professional goals.

Program Specifics

  • Interviews are conducted before acceptance into Achieve Ability
  • A mentor and mentee team is formed based on compatibility and shared interests
  • Achieve Ability is from August-May, a duration of 10 months; however, the relationship often extends beyond this time frame
  • Achieve Ability teams are encouraged to meet monthly, and communicate often