Services for Students with Disabilities

Four students with arms around each other in front of White House

Deadline: November 20, 2018

I’m Franklin Anderson, Manager of Inclusive Philanthropy and Development at RespectAbility. RespectAbility is a nonprofit, nonpartisan disability advocacy organization focused on advancing opportunities for people with disabilities and eliminating harmful stigmas.

RespectAbility operates the National Leadership Fellowship for junior and senior students who will pursue careers in public policy, advocacy, or nonprofit management.

It is an excellent opportunity for a student looking for opportunities in the nonprofit sector to gain relevant experience. Fellows will gain first-hand experience in research, program management, grant management, budgeting, and other skills essential for the nonprofit sector.

RespectAbility is also working to help philanthropists and nonprofits ensure that people with disabilities can participate in the good they do – just like anyone else. We partner with funders, nonprofits and others to provide tools, contacts and advice that will advance full inclusion of people with disabilities. Our fellows are leading our efforts to help move the needle forward on core issues: 1) diversity, equity, equality and inclusion in philanthropy and nonprofits; 2) the employment of people with disabilities in philanthropy and nonprofits and beyond; and 3) enabling the nonprofit sector to experience the success brought by diverse people of all abilities sharing their innovation, loyalty, enthusiasm, lived experience and skills through their involvement as volunteers, board members and more.

You can find full details and logistical information about the fellowship program on our website at: 

The deadline for Spring 2019 applications is November 20, 2018.

As an MPA grad in nonprofit management myself, the need to improve the inclusivity of our sector is something I’m keenly aware of, and a key goal of my work and the work of RespectAbility.
Franklin Anderson
Manager of Inclusive Philanthropy and Development