Services for Students with Disabilities

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The Knox Center will be reopening August 30th, 2021. Masks will be required.

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The James Edward Knox Center Adaptive Technology Computing Site (Knox Center) is a quiet and accessible computing site for students registered with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) as well as a source of assistive technology information for students, staff, and Alumni. The Knox Center is staffed by Jane Vincent and Brandon Werner. Contact them at or (734) 936-3794.

Knox Center Computers

The Knox Center has multiple workstations with multiple Windows and Mac computers, all of which have 21" or larger high-resolution monitors and support adaptive technology. The center also has a reclining chair and a video magnifier. 

All workstations have adaptive furniture (adjustable-height tables and chairs). The center also has a reclining chair and a video magnifier. 

Room 2064A within the Knox Center houses two computers with speech recognition software: one windows machine running Dragon Naturally Speaking and one Mac running Dragon Dictate. Priority use for this room will be given to individuals using the speech recognition software and Knox Center Staff doing a Technology Consultation. 

Other Knox Center Services


The Knox Center has Lockers that students can request to use for up to one school year. Students interested in renting a locker need to contact with their questions. 

Assistive Technology Evaluations

The Knox Center provides no-cost Assistive Technology consultations for prospective students, current students, and Alumni of Umich. Appointments are usually scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays; exceptions may be made in unusual situations. To schedule an appointment, please email Knox Center Staff at

Braille Printing

The Knox Center possesses a Romeo Attaché printer, which allows the Knox Center to print small amounts of braille for documents without graphics, mathematical formulas, etc. can be produced on campus, usually within 48 business hours. Please contact Knox Center staff at to arrange for this service.