Services for Students with Disabilities

We are looking for students to be on the SSD Student Advisory Board. This is an opportunity to take on a leadership role and to have a say in SSD affairs. 

We are looking for positive, committed, and energetic students.  We hope you will consider joining!


The Services for Students with Disabilities Student Advisory Board’s (SSD/SAB) purpose is to provide advice and assistance towards pressing disabled student body issues and future SSD projects to the Director of SSD. Monthly meetings, with the option for additional meetings if necessary, throughout the academic year encourage discussion on new initiatives and emergent issues.  In the last several years the SAB has worked on snow removal policy, provided support to the initiative that all University computer programs and platforms are accessible, worked on creating an SSD student scholarship fund, created a Faculty and Staff Appreciation Award, and promoted awareness of student disability experiences through our annual SSD SpeakABLE event in March.


  1. The Board is composed of a small but diverse group of both undergraduate, graduate, and professional students of varying disabilities. All students on the Board are selected through an application process.
  2. The SSD SAB Staff Advisor will be present at all meetings.


  1. One-year renewable terms (September- August).
  2. Meetings will occur monthly throughout the academic year.  Times and dates for said meetings will be held on Friday afternoon from 3:00-5:00 p.m., so please reserve that time on your schedule.
  3. Regular participation in the Board’s activities will be essential if it is to be effective. Therefore, if an individual misses more than two meetings, s/he may be dismissed from the Board.

Application Process

  1. Applications are due no later than MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019 by 5 p.m.
  2. Please fill out the electronic application below. If you instead desire a paper copy of the application, contact Megan Marshall ( with the subject line:
    • [Your Name]: SSD Advisory Board Application Request
  3. Questions or concerns, contact Megan Marshall –