Services for Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities

Guidelines and Procedures for Requesting Academic Accommodations


Updated May 1, 2020

U-M students seeking academic accommodations must submit the most current medical documentation of a disability to the Services for Students with Disabilities Office (SSD).

Once the Student Intake Form and medical documents are received, a disabilities coordinator is assigned to the student and an intake appointment is scheduled.  At the intake appointment, the SSD Coordinator makes an individualized assessment of the student based on documentation and input from the student.  At the conclusion of the intake meeting, the student is given a VISA Letter from the SSD office listing the approved academic accommodations granted to the student.

U-M students registered with the SSD office requesting a change to their accommodations work directly with their assigned coordinator.  Disability coordinators may need to request additional medical documentation from a qualified healthcare professional in order to add additional accommodations or change current ones.

To summarize, a student’s academic accommodations are based on the following:

  • Medical Documentation
  • Intake Meeting and Assessment
  • Student Input
  • Faculty Input, upon student’s request


Review and consultation of documentation that does not adequately support accommodations:  

When an SSD Coordinator reviews medical documentation of a disability submitted by students with the intent of receiving academic accommodations, and the documentation does not support the requested accommodations, the documentation may be forwarded to another SSD Coordinator for independent review and determination. Once all appropriate parties are consulted and a decision reached, the student is contacted by their assigned coordinator. A request may be made by the SSD Coordinator for additional or other supporting medical documentation.

Requests to Change Assigned SSD Coordinator:

Students registered with the SSD office may, at any time, request to change their assigned coordinator.  Requests to change assigned coordinators are communicated directly from the student to the SSD Office Supervisor.  The Office Supervisor, after a review of the request and in conjunction with the Unit Director, will issue a determination.  If the Unit Director is the student’s assigned coordinator, an independent SSD Coordinator will review the request with the Office Supervisor.