Services for Students with Disabilities

How to Access E-textbooks and Course Materials as Accessible Digital Documents 

The accommodation for E-textbooks or Course Materials as Accessible Digital Documents includes accessible electronic textbooks and documents used in courses. Digital textbooks are available from many sources and often, students can find accessible eBooks directly without having to go through Services for Students with Disabilities. 

When looking for accessible textbooks, follow the process below:

  1. Check to see if the eBook is available through one of the sources below. These e-books are often compatible with speech to text software that can read the text aloud and have built-in adjustments for font/background/zoom.

    1. VitalSource (For Purchase) 

    2. University of Michigan bookstore (Many textbooks available as e-text) 

    3. Bookshare (For eligible students)

    4. University of Michigan Library book and article search

    5. Project Gutenburg (free ebooks, epubs and kindle books)

2. If your textbook is not available in an accessible digital format, please enter the request (include ISBN number) into Accommodate and include proof of purchase or proof of possession (receipt). Course materials (i.e. articles, handouts) that are not in an accessible format can be uploaded into Accommodate to be converted or sent to

How to Enter E-Textbook or Course Material requests in Accommodate