Services for Students with Disabilities

Class Attendance and Participation

In most cases, class attendance and participation is critical to a student’s mastery and demonstration of  knowledge and skills. If a student has a condition that is unpredictable and/or episodic in nature which may occasionally impact their participation, then it may be appropriate to explore an Attendance Flexibility Plan. These accommodations are specifically designed to build in a slight amount of flexibility around class attendance and participation, test dates and course deadlines in order to specifically address the impact of a brief, periodic disability-related episode that interferes with essential course activities. To explore this accommodation SSD coordinators will engage in an interactive process that includes consulting with Professors. 

Accommodations put in place to mitigate disability-related barriers in regards to attendance, participation, and deadlines are not designed to support a substantial number of missed classes, lengthy assignments extension, or lengthy delays in performing essential components of a course (i.e. course exams or projects).