Services for Students with Disabilities

page of braille text

The easiest way to find out whether a book is currently available in Braille format is to contact the Media Center for the Visually Impaired in Lansing, Michigan at (517) 334-1232. A phone at SSD is available to make these calls. The Media Center uses the American Printing House database on texts in alternative formats, and is connected to the state and national system of libraries for the blind and physically handicapped.

Since Braille textbooks for college level courses are extremely difficult to find, E-text offers the best alternative to Braille. In those instances where Braille is the only viable medium, SSD staff will assist the student in procuring the desired text. The minimum amount of lead time needed to produce a Braille text book is three months and may take longer. Please allow for as much lead time as possible.

Small amounts of braille for documents without graphics, mathematical formulas, etc. can be produced on campus, usually within 48 business hours. Please contact Knox Center staff at to arrange for this service.