Services for Students with Disabilities

Will I continue to receive my approved accommodations if my course is now online?

Yes. Students approved for accommodations through SSD will continue to receive their accommodations. At times, however, specific accommodations may not transition equitably to an online format. Contact your SSD Coordinator if you have questions related to a specific accommodation.

What do I do if I am having difficulty fully accessing materials online? Can I update my accommodations?

Yes. Accommodations arranged for residential courses may not be applicable or compatible with instruction occurring in an online environment. Students having difficulty accessing course content due to the change in format should contact their SSD Coordinator for additional support and/or to request additional accommodations.

Can I register with SSD if I have not already?

Yes. We understand that some students with disabilities may have elected to not register their disability previously with SSD, and may wish to do so at this time. To begin, please complete our Student Intake Form.

How can I share my VISA with instructors now that the class is online?

Contact your SSD Coordinator to obtain a PDF of your VISA to forward to your professors. If you have a paper copy in your possession, consider using an app such as CamScanner to scan a document onto your phone.

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Technology resources:

Read and Write Software has tools for reading, writing, and notetaking on PDFs and other documents. It is free to all members of the current U-M community:

Read and Write Software for Windows operating sytem

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Please contact with questions about other technologies.

Please also review the Access to Remote Instruction for Students and Faculty with Disabilities information.

Information from ITS on how to use ZOOM Videoconferencing

Learn about library resources and technology: #howtolibrary

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