Services for Students with Disabilities

Managing Transitional and Other Stress

During times of change, nervousness and stress can increase.  We know how to handle daily life based on what we have lived.  But new places or circumstance can have us wondering about how things will be different and how we will cope. Let’s think together about symptoms of stress that might show up and what we can do to manage them.

What's in a Syllabus and Why Does It Matter?

Believe it or not, the syllabus for each class you take at the University is your passport for success.  It is a contract of sorts and is filled with valuable information.  

Screen shot of CTools Art Class syllabus

Coaching for Dynamic and Collaborative Full Student Development

Coaching is an ‘approach or way of working’ with individuals to identify personal strengths and collaboratively set goals toward developing important life skills.   While coaching at a college or university is often linked with the term “academic”, what actually occurs in the developing relationship between client (in this case student) and coach is a much broader focus then mere academic skills development. 

Strengthening Test Taking Skills

Effective study, and test taking strategies contribute to greater productivity, higher grades and less stress. This seminar presents a systematic, research-based approach for test preparation and test taking.

Academic Study Skills Workshop Videos

The SSD Office is proud to offer a series of workshops aimed at improving students' academic performance. Each presentation was video-taped and will be posted to the SSD website this summer. 

Lecture in Chem 1800 classroom