Services for Students with Disabilities

Writing: Think of the Basics and Find a Personal Process

People are different in how they approach writing assignments. Some follow a very logical path; others have a more holistic or creative approach to writing. Whether writing processes are fast or slow and topics narrow or broad, we will always be refining our process.  Think about your own habits of writing and consider the ideas presented here.

Student at table in library studying

[1] Note Taking: Exploring the Possibilities

As an academic coach, I have been receiving many inquires about the most effective note taking process. There are various options and some personal trial, practice, and choice are needed.  I am writing to share information about various options.

Planners and Calendars - Different Options, Personal Choices

With so many options available to track important information and appointments how do we know what’s best for us?  Are paper planners better?  Is electronic the way to go? Here we explore some options and get the good, bad and ugly on them all.

[3] Note Taking: Edits and Recording Technology

As soon as possible after a class or meeting (immediately after or within 24 hours), read through and make additions and corrections to your notes so they will be understandable when you need them.  Here are some helpful hints!