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Coach's Corner: Social Skills for Work, Learning, and Life

College classes and training programs that go beyond high school are meant to do far more than teach specific course content.  They have “a pace” at which information needs to be taken in and assimilated. Strengthening social/emotional skills such as being on time, meeting deadlines, and communicating with others will help you in your future career.  

Three students seated at table working with each other

How to Read for Greater Comprehension

Many students at universities like Michigan are bright enough that they report having done little reading in high school.  The slower pace of classes, time in classes to do homework, smaller class sizes, and frequently repeated content made it easier for students to get by with less reading.  But in college, reading is background information required to understand lectures and assignments.  What will make reading more effective and less frustrating, especially for those students who have read less? Here are some tips!

Word Prediction added to Read&Write for Google and Google Docs

Word Prediction is a critical writing feature for students with learning disabilities, struggling writers, and English Language Learners. TextHelp can now offer the same powerful prediction engine found in their desktop and iPad solutions, Read&Write Gold and iReadWrite, to their Google users.


Autism Talk TV 20 - How to Flirt and Get a Date

Welcome to Autism Talk TV. This is the first of a new series of episodes featuring the PEERS Center at UCLA which does social skills training. Alexander Plank sits down with Dr. Liz Laugeson to discuss flirting techniques and how to ask someone out on a date.